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My own idea of warden in Lord of the rings

Do you want some Lord Of The Rings Gold to promote your character in the game ?The warden is an assassination type hero that can require a lot of skill to use. She can not take the same amount of damage before dying, she lacks the immolation and evasion abilities and other bonuses that allow the demon hunter to survive in melee combat much longer. So the way you play the warden is a little bit different.

She is best played by sending her in to cast fan of knives or shadow strike, then run or blink her away once the enemy starts beating on her. She can also assist in melee combat if the enemy is not attacking her. If you do not spend time controlling her and ignore her in battle, she can easily die, but in the right hands of an advanced player, she is very deadly. It has one of the best ultimate abilities for the night elves: vengeance.

The warden has hide. Use this ability during battle when the enemy focuses their attention on her. Then once they move on to other targets, come out of cloak and attack. A lot of people are seeing the power of shadow strike against heroes and enemy units.

But typically you do not have enough mana for both. Some people go blink at level 1 then rush the enemy. But this is risky and not always very effective. You can also go for level 3 blink first to get rid of the 10 second cool down. The warden is a grate anti hero rush hero when she uses her shadow strike. Shadow strike slows the enemy hero so you can catch it earlier. It has a damage over time component that continues to hurt a hero after they teleport away.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy yourself.

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Worship how to quickly rise to level 10 in Runes of Magic

cheap Runes of Magic Gold is very important for you to upgrade. First, out of the new village, not to brush the monster, accept the task, the experience of the task can help the people upgrade to level 2, direct brush the monster has no experience.

Task will spend much time, looking for NPC will waste a lot of time, here to give you a tip, after you received the task, map will show the exclamation mark and question mark icon, the NPC you are looking for is a question mark, the exclamation mark explain the NPC has a task for you.

About 20 minutes to upgrade to level 2, this time we can brush the monster. But do not forget to take notice of the task, while the task do not brush the monster. Worship of level 2 remember to upgrade the skill wave to level 2, this skill is very useful to js. Mp spend less, and high attack power, use this skill to brush mushroom monster of level 1or 2 .

Within 10 minutes you can brush to level 3. Js long range attacks can single brush the monster with the same level. Level 3 to brush young wolves, level 4 to brush cubs.

When reached level 5 people can go to the ore, in the entrance brush soldiers, remember to receive 

NPC tasks, and then brush monster to level 6, the monster inside the mine is red and active attacks. Avoid blindly rushed inside, in the cave entrance brush one by one, experience is very objective and you can quickly brush to level 7,and remember the skills at the same time upgrade to level 7.

After level 7 the experience of mine is not very high, and can go to the spring hill on the top right side of the Rogge town. To level 8 can into the split wells of the spring, where you can brush to level 10.

Thank you and do it now.

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What is Maple story

Players will need maple story mesos from time to time .A fascinating world where you nurture and grow your own virtual character and experience out of the ordinary. Be another you in a different dimension, meet new friends and build your own community. Experience endless excitement at Maple story!
At Maple island, the NPC will help you in learning simple hunting skills and basic control of the game. Then you will board the ship that heads to Victoria Island, and that is where your journey really begins.
After a long journey from Maple Island, you will explore your way to other towns. Henesys, the village of bowmen with comfy mushroom shaped houses gathered together. Ellinia, the village of magicians with mysterious spells embedded between tall trees. Perion, the village of warriors with the fighting spirit typical of the Indians living in highlands. Kerning City, the village of thieves that reminds you of the back alleys of dark cities.
You will be playing the game at Victoria island where all these diverse and unique towns and fields coexist.
Here, you are going to be just a regular gamer hunting down monsters and protecting yourself in the process. You will be given 4 paths to choose from, which will define your life in Maple story: warrior, bowman, thief, and magician. Through leveling up and meeting some requirements, you will be able to make job advancements and nurture your character in your own, unique way.
In addition to hunting for monsters, exploring new maps in maple world, you may chat and interact with other characters or friends using face expression and emotion. dress up your character with beautiful clothes, gorgeous accessories and powerful weapons. Hunt for items to complete a quest or make a weapon, clothes or accessories. Trade with other characters in gaining items you need. Team up with other characters to hunt for monsters and play mini games during your journey. There are more in Maple story for your exploration.
27.11.09 06:35

Creature guide in Rappelz

If you want to parade your superior gears and conquer the others you will need rappelz money. Rappelz is an amazing Fantasy MMORPG that lets you take on the persona of one of three distinct races, customize your skills, tame and train creatures, and engage in dynamic pvp with an unparalleled level of strategy.

After you acquired a certain degree of skills, it is time to go out in the field and start taming the creature you wish to raise.

However, even if you have acquired the Creature Taming skill, without an empty creature card you cannot tame any creatures.

There are 4 different types of creatures: Basic, Common, Uncommon and Extra .

Once you have the right card of the creature you wish to tame, find the monster type you can tame for the creature (that is target any of the Roosters if you wish to tame a Poultry), and use Creature Taming skill on the monster. The monster has to be in full health, or it will not work .

The taming skill will take a while to cast, and it is also possible to be attacked while you're casting the skill depending on whether the monster is aggressive or passive.

After your taming skill has been cast, the monster will start attacking you. Do not panic, as it is natural. You must kill it off , then and only then you will know if you have succeeded. If you are successful, the creature will now be sealed in your card. If not, your card will be destroyed and you will have to get a new card before you can try to tame another (cry with me). You do not necessarily have to solo when you try to kill of tamed monster. If you are in danger, you can always get help.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy yourself.

27.11.09 06:33

If you like Metim games

Cheap metin2 yang is a good game gold to play the game.

Metin2 is a free oriental action MMORPG with 3D graphics. Metin2 may not be as well known as some of the other free to play MMORPGs, but it is entertaining and has some of the best combat I have yet seen. When creating a character you must first select one of the three factions, but it won not have any effect on your starting location so do not worry too much about it. Next you must choose from one of the four classes: warrior, mage, asassin or sura.

Metin games can be lots of fun! Wizard101 also has lots of great games features. Metin has interesting games features that have been very successful. This game gives players a unique experience with an games excitement. Metin games lets you experience Metin in a whole new way. If you like a Metin games, we think you will also enjoy Wizard101.

Wizard101 has the following features:

1.An Online, Magical Adventure Game

2.Wizard School MMO Game

3.Seven Types of Magic

4.Collectible Card Magic

5.2D and 3D Game Play

Metin2 starts you out in a field surrounded by packs of dogs. Your first instinct may be to attack these animals, but be sure to equip the weapon in your inventory first. Once you start swinging at the dogs, the ease and fluidity of Metin2 combat will sink in. As your character swings his weapon, multiple enemies in front of you will be struck and be tossed backwards.

This fast paced multistage cleaving combat style makes for some fun game play and the auto loot feature means you won not waste time after each kill picking up gold.

Thank you for your reading and much Metin2 Yang.

25.11.09 01:48

PvP in Lord Of The Rings

In this game buy LOTRO Gold is very important. In this article I will talk something about pvp with you.

Player versus player (PvP) combat is included in the form called Monster Play or Player vs Monster Player (PvMP).Monster Play is unlocked when a player character reaches level 10; players can then play a level 60 monster. These monster players (also known as creeps) have their own quests, titles and deeds, and fight the Heroes (player characters of level 40 and above, and known as freeps) in the Ettenmoors. Both heroes and monsters fight for the control of various keeps in the Ettenmoors, of which 5 are able to be taken. When one side holds 2 outposts, they are able to go into the Delving of Fror, a dungeon area beneath the Ettenmoors. Outposts are smaller versions of keeps and require fewer people to overtake.

Both monster players and Heroes gain ranks in the Ettenmoors through defeating the opposing side. Monsters receive infamy for killing a Hero, and Heroes receive renown for killing a monster player. There are 15 achievable ranks, starting at Footman, and ending at Captain General (for Heroes) or starting at Tracker and ending at Tyrant (for monster players). Gaining ranks allows you to purchase specific equipment and armour (for Heroes) or core upgrades, like health, armour and power (for Monsters). Another aspect of character development is the inclusion of Destiny Points. Destiny Points are awarded for leveling and completing quests and can be used to temporarily increase some of your abilities or skills. As a creep, destiny points are used to buy skills and traits. These points can also be earned through combat in Monster Play. Monster players earn destiny points for controlling a keep, killing freeps (the player controlled Heroes) and completing quests. A player destiny points are shared across all their characters, whether heroes or monsters.

Thank you for your reading and hope you like it.

25.11.09 01:47

Aion: Qualified Guardian of the Stars

aion gold which would you like to get qualified guardian of the stars in Aion is very good now. If so, please read the following details gotten from other websites.
When you choose to guard the moment, you have to pay a lot aion online kinah more than others for it is doomed. Guardian of the road is not difficult, many people may complain that the guardian of the output low, slow kill stars how high the output.
In fact, it will be relatively slow point to 18 after. You can brush the elite team and experience with the team are the same people, if you pleased, you can always brush to 45, you might complain that they can be long-range career, tens of millions of the experience of a night. Then you go to buy aion kinah to practice long-range right, no one forces you to practice guardian, since the choice of a guardian of this career, you should be carefully to the vocational training, a qualified guardian and then you will win friends for your praise as some cheap aion kinah, for you to win the respect of others.
On the other hand, that is to identify the way (Khan) to become a guardian of a qualified at least. Whether it is the elite area aion kina or a copy, you have to remember which of the topography, the distribution of blame. You have to lead the team who kill boss when you become a captain. Some maps do not want to clearance in strange circumstances; you also need aion kinah to lead the run. May be because that you are not familiar with the map leading to eradication of the corporation.
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