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If you like Metim games

Cheap metin2 yang is a good game gold to play the game.

Metin2 is a free oriental action MMORPG with 3D graphics. Metin2 may not be as well known as some of the other free to play MMORPGs, but it is entertaining and has some of the best combat I have yet seen. When creating a character you must first select one of the three factions, but it won not have any effect on your starting location so do not worry too much about it. Next you must choose from one of the four classes: warrior, mage, asassin or sura.

Metin games can be lots of fun! Wizard101 also has lots of great games features. Metin has interesting games features that have been very successful. This game gives players a unique experience with an games excitement. Metin games lets you experience Metin in a whole new way. If you like a Metin games, we think you will also enjoy Wizard101.

Wizard101 has the following features:

1.An Online, Magical Adventure Game

2.Wizard School MMO Game

3.Seven Types of Magic

4.Collectible Card Magic

5.2D and 3D Game Play

Metin2 starts you out in a field surrounded by packs of dogs. Your first instinct may be to attack these animals, but be sure to equip the weapon in your inventory first. Once you start swinging at the dogs, the ease and fluidity of Metin2 combat will sink in. As your character swings his weapon, multiple enemies in front of you will be struck and be tossed backwards.

This fast paced multistage cleaving combat style makes for some fun game play and the auto loot feature means you won not waste time after each kill picking up gold.

Thank you for your reading and much Metin2 Yang.

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