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Worship how to quickly rise to level 10 in Runes of Magic

cheap Runes of Magic Gold is very important for you to upgrade. First, out of the new village, not to brush the monster, accept the task, the experience of the task can help the people upgrade to level 2, direct brush the monster has no experience.

Task will spend much time, looking for NPC will waste a lot of time, here to give you a tip, after you received the task, map will show the exclamation mark and question mark icon, the NPC you are looking for is a question mark, the exclamation mark explain the NPC has a task for you.

About 20 minutes to upgrade to level 2, this time we can brush the monster. But do not forget to take notice of the task, while the task do not brush the monster. Worship of level 2 remember to upgrade the skill wave to level 2, this skill is very useful to js. Mp spend less, and high attack power, use this skill to brush mushroom monster of level 1or 2 .

Within 10 minutes you can brush to level 3. Js long range attacks can single brush the monster with the same level. Level 3 to brush young wolves, level 4 to brush cubs.

When reached level 5 people can go to the ore, in the entrance brush soldiers, remember to receive 

NPC tasks, and then brush monster to level 6, the monster inside the mine is red and active attacks. Avoid blindly rushed inside, in the cave entrance brush one by one, experience is very objective and you can quickly brush to level 7,and remember the skills at the same time upgrade to level 7.

After level 7 the experience of mine is not very high, and can go to the spring hill on the top right side of the Rogge town. To level 8 can into the split wells of the spring, where you can brush to level 10.

Thank you and do it now.

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