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My own idea of warden in Lord of the rings

Do you want some Lord Of The Rings Gold to promote your character in the game ?The warden is an assassination type hero that can require a lot of skill to use. She can not take the same amount of damage before dying, she lacks the immolation and evasion abilities and other bonuses that allow the demon hunter to survive in melee combat much longer. So the way you play the warden is a little bit different.

She is best played by sending her in to cast fan of knives or shadow strike, then run or blink her away once the enemy starts beating on her. She can also assist in melee combat if the enemy is not attacking her. If you do not spend time controlling her and ignore her in battle, she can easily die, but in the right hands of an advanced player, she is very deadly. It has one of the best ultimate abilities for the night elves: vengeance.

The warden has hide. Use this ability during battle when the enemy focuses their attention on her. Then once they move on to other targets, come out of cloak and attack. A lot of people are seeing the power of shadow strike against heroes and enemy units.

But typically you do not have enough mana for both. Some people go blink at level 1 then rush the enemy. But this is risky and not always very effective. You can also go for level 3 blink first to get rid of the 10 second cool down. The warden is a grate anti hero rush hero when she uses her shadow strike. Shadow strike slows the enemy hero so you can catch it earlier. It has a damage over time component that continues to hurt a hero after they teleport away.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy yourself.

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