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My experience of crossbowman in maple story

Play maple story mesos is fairy simple: attack monsters, gain levels, attack stronger monsters. As players spend time in game level up, they can equip new weapons and clothes, gain more mesos, and interact with others.

The path of the archer is probably one of the more difficult in maple story. The skills of bowmen are varied and unique. Bowmen are capable of inflicting various effects upon opponents while bringing them down. Defensive and tactical skills compensate for an archer low hit points.

Maple story including many skills, such as bowman, hunter, crossbowman.

But in this article I just want to share my experience of crossbowman with you.I actually have made a crossbowman (opposed to the hunter), therefore, I know what is pretty good.

At level 30, you will receive one more skill point after finishing the second job advancement quest. Mastery is going to stay at 19, because when at level 20, the master percentage is the same as level 19. The reason for the booster in the begging is so you can actually fire at a faster rate with a crossbow, being that crossbows are slow. The only reason soul arrow is because after 10 you are wasting skill points which are worth more than 5 mp.

Unlike hunters, iron arrow can only shoot forward, and this attack does not stun, therefore you do not get iron arrow at the beginning. These are just skill points that are being dumped to anything more useful than final attack: bow. Final attack: crossbow is considered useless, because it is only one arrow, and is slows you down from doing the maximum damage you can actually do. Feel free to dump some skill points on it, but I would not advise doing such a thing.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy yourself.

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