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Quick way to make Rohan money

In my opinion this is the best way to make rohan online crones. Generally if you upgrade 24hours, then 7days will be able to upgrade to level 34,about 15days will on the level 43 and above.25 days will reach level 50.The most important of upgrading about this game are equipment, and it is the biggest places to spend money, as long as you have money you can put level 60 down to one to wear, level 30 will be able to make money, for a day 10 million is not big problem, after level 40 just 24 hours will earn about 3000 to 4000 million, when reach level 50 a day will earn more than 50 million.

The quick way to earn rohan online gold as following:

1.First of all, after the creation of the role, before changing equipment of level 12,please beat the monster lower than level 10.We must guard against cross and whatever.

2.To collect as much as the weapons within 1 to 13 grade. And pick out the weapons people most likely to purchase as stock, for example, knife, Sword.

3.Get the above mentioned weapons that lower than level 13 to the NPC to synthesis. To be

combined into a class of special weapons(orange word),when it is synthetic, stock up.

4.Level 12 to 20 beat monster of level 12 to 19.We must guard against cross and so on. .And the same focus on collection the above mentioned types of weapons.

5.Synthesis weapons within the 12 to 20 class to a class of special weapons(orange words).

6.Step3 will be synthesized with step5. Re-synthesis a special weapon of 2 class(the golden word).

7.Linked network of arms trafficking in the golden words, per the value of approximately 150,000 rohan gold to tens of thousands of rohan crones. If you hurry to use rohan money, please cheap sale, about 2 working days you will obtain hundreds of thousands of rohan gold .

Thank you for your reading, hope you like it.

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