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How to upgrade while making a profit in metin

Read the following information and enjoy your Metin2 yang game experience. I played metin for a long time, it can be said that since the open of metin I have looked metin from a stranger online games growing up day by day.

Usually, when we entered the game will be confused by the exquisite pictures, as a novice you will anxious to stroll around, but I will notice you do not roaming the land, and quickly put on the weapon and out of the village to play wolf, upgrade is important. Fighting will make you upgrade, and do not forget to pick up the money the monster dropped when you beat the monster. Do not go ignored just because of they are too little, you need to know add up is the fortune left behind by our ancestors. Now I will share some my own skills about how to upgrade while making a profit with you.

1.Upgrading to make money1)money eyes, when you see money, pick it up.(2)pick up the penny dropped by the monster and then sold to the grocery stores, this is also a method of small streams into the river way.(3)sure to keep the weapon of teeth type, it is very valuable, if you have no time at this moment you can spend 500 gold to open a small inter abuse, saved them, and sold them when you not busy.

2.Making money while upgrade: you know that make team to beat the monster not only upgrade quick and have fun, but also when anyone of the team pick some money you will be given some. Metin at intervals will let a lot of meteorites fall from the sky so that everyone can get a stirring, meteorites may have a lot of good things.

More exciting to do in the metin, enjoy yourself.

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