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Ways to earn mesos

Do you believe that you can earn maplestory mesos fast just in a few days? Trust it. Does not matter if you are a beginner, warrior, thief, mage, archer or pirate. Here is the steps for you:

1.Train and get mesos. PQ will give rewards that you can sell for much mesos. Quests also gives rewards and mesos that you can keep or sell. Make sure you have fun while playing.

2.Do the tower quests everyday for about a week or so and sell all the scrolls you get. Each one can go for about 70 to 150k, which can get you a lot if you get enough scrolls.

3.Train.They give a ridiculous amount of money compared to their level. However, leprechauns give far more mesos per drop and have a much better drops including steely and black umbrellas. To go there, first travel to new leaf city and travel using the free taxi at the far left of the map. Then walk to the left side of the map until you se the portal, this is where the leprechauns roam. (recommended level 40).

4.Try to pick up mesos that are left by other users.

5.During maple story events where maple items are available, hunt for them and then sell them.

6.Try to play during 2x drop rate hours.

7.Try looking through FM for good deals, and sell them.

8.On Sundays, buy items from the 7th day market and sell them to the merchant at a higher price.

And I will give some my own tips for you, you must remember to take all of your monster drops, except for pieces and monster cards. Consider buying mesos for your pet, so they can pick up your mesos while you are training. In the 7th day market, each item takes up one mesos, so you may find it useful if you create multiple characters to hold more items.

Thank you for your reading, hope you like it.

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