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Actual experiences with RF

I have played rf gold for a long time and have some experiences. I never play games before, when my friends first recommend RF to me, I have no interest in it, but now I fall in love in this game. And in this article I will tell you my experiences of RF.

1.Group attack, hit the target unit and surrounding units are subject to sputtering effect (regardless of the number of units around to avoid), but did not hit the target units, the units will not be around the sputtering effect.

In the mine warfare, and if we hit a low shot into the C matrix method. He chose a high gunners as the target to avoid the use of off the meteorite hit miss, so  unit around the gunners will not be hurt, if he chose to gun array in a fighter and successful hit the soldiers, then the gunner around the soldiers will be hurt.

2.Groups attack, the target unit after the storms hit around the unit will be hit by the storms effects, but storms hit the target unit, then the surrounding units are not subject to crit effect.

3.Attack players are being replacement of equipment, often there will be an unexpected effect.

The order of equipment replacement is first removed, then replaced. According to network delay, the player replace armor will be no armor around 0.2 to 1 seconds, if there is an RP problem, just hit the site, a metamorphosis of figures will come out.

4.Material rebound (close intermediate skills) have a certain probability so that the other side of attack is invalid (holding near weapons).

The sight of a fighter, armed with shields. Because this kid added a physical reaction. The skills of a significant side effects, therefore only recommended shield war, technicians use.

5.Displaying its own target groups for the attacks to ignore evade, and can choose to release non target.

There is a gunner hiding C chip inside, and we point less than him, how should we do? Then we point chip, and then re hit swing soldiers, master dance of light, spin ice, air bombs.

Thank you for your reading, hope you like it.

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